No Lights Today!

no-lights-today-thumbThis morning we awoke to a world decked by a soft, white blanket.

A fresh inch or two of snow had gently covered the city while we slept. As I tore open the shutter and threw up the sash, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I looked outside.

The snowfall, while always welcome, has some unforeseen consequences…

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Should We Replace Coal With Natural Gas?

coal-vs-natural-gasIt seems that the United States might have a whole lot more natural gas than previously thought.

Normally, I’m not too excited about fossil fuels, as they seem to be a Big Part of the Problem.

But natural gas burns a lot cleaner than coal. These new deposits could help us to reduce our CO2 output right away.

But by how much?

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Just Bought an Energy Meter!

energy-meter-thumbEver wonder just how much electricity you use when you sit in front of the tube for three hours? When you toast some bread? When you boil water for a cup of coffee?

These are the things that keep me awake at night, until I start worrying about how many kilojoules I’ve wasted keeping the lights on.

So to put my mind at rest and reduce our light bill, I went out and bought a simple energy meter. I’m hoping it will answer some of these questions, and shed some light on our energy usage-habits.

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What's the Most Efficient Way to Travel 350 Miles?

gallons-for-350-milesGOOD magazine asked a great question;  “Is a Plane More Fuel Efficient Than a Prius?”

And they looked for an answer with a great data visualization that compares per-person, per-gallon efficiencies of various modes of transportation.

While the resulting poster is full of snazzy graphics and great information, there is a bit of debate about the validity of the comparisons it depicts. Yes, it seems to have fueled quite the controversy !

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Well to Wheel Efficiency

well-to-wheel-efficiencyOur choice of car propulsion system is getting more difficult. We want the cheapest, most efficient, cleanest and highest performing car that we can.

But different fuels and motor-technologies make this difficult. How do we make informed choices? How many Watt-hours-per-mile does your electro-car get? Is that better than 35 mpg? What’s it’s km/MJ efficiency?

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Household Energy Use: Where Does the Money Go?


According to Energy Star, the average American household spends a whopping $1900 a year on energy.

Let’s take a look at where that energy flows by function.

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Welcome to Green World Pictures

Welcome to Green World Pictures! We want to help you get a visual feeling for what it means to “go green”.

As environmental causes gain momentum, we are encounter quantities, units, numbers, statistics and concepts that don’t always make sense to human beings.

We hope to bring this information down-to-earth with visuals that anybody can understand!